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York Attractions

Clifford's Tower in York

York is filled with so much to see and do, with a history that dates back to 71AD it’s no wonder that people flock to the city to embrace the culture and all it has to offer.

York Minster

Located at the very heart of York’s city centre, the Minster is one of York’s greatest attractions. From climbing the central tower to see York in all of its glory to exploring the undercroft below ground, there is so much to see and do in this magnificent cathedral.

Clifford’s Tower

Dating back to 1068 when Norman the Conqueror had come to the north of England, Clifford’s Tower has stood the test of time, remaining virtually unchanged since it was first built. The tower offers fantastic views of the city and the Minster, and has some incredible history behind it; infamous highwayman Dick Turpin was once imprisoned here under a false identity.

The Walls

Walking the city walls are a great way to stretch your legs. Surrounding the city centre, the walls offer the perfect way to see the streets of York from above. Access to the walls is completely free of charge and is a popular activity for residents and tourists alike.

Jorvik Viking Centre

Jorvik Viking Centre is a perfect destination for both children and adults alike. The centre is the site of one of modern archaeology’s most incredible Viking discoveries, features a ride and state of the art animatronic characters to bring the Vikings to life. Jorvik has managed to attract 18 million visitors in the past thirty years.

York Art Gallery

The art gallery, located just a few minutes’ walk from the Minster, is a perfect way to pass a few hours. With exhibitions to suit just about everyone, the gallery has proved popular for many years.

York Dungeons

York Dungeons is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and horror-lovers. The dungeons bring the gruesome history of York to life with Dick Turpin and the Vikings running wild within. The 75-minute-long journey consists of shows, stories and an immersive experience.

Museum Gardens

The Museum Gardens offer an opportunity for some peace and tranquillity. The paths through the gardens wind around stunning ruins of St Mary’s Abbey. In summer, the gardens are perfect for a picnic and in winter, they are transformed into a magical winter wonderland. The Museum Gardens are home to over 40 species of birds and Yorkshire’s oldest working observatory.

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

This Grade 1 listed building is a museum that shows off all York has to offer, including rare artefacts and incredible architecture. Standing strong after 660 years of history, the hall invites you the ‘discover the secrets’ hidden in its walls.

Betty’s Tea Room

Betty’s Tea Room has become a landmark in York with people queueing all throughout the day to try the delights that the tea room has to offer. With Afternoon Tea and silver service, Betty’s Tea Room offers you the perfect chance to embrace luxury.