A Guest Guide to Halloween in York

23rd October 2019

Are you heading to York this Halloween? If the answer is yes, then carry on reading to discover the spooky activities you could be getting up to in York this half term and Halloween!

Hallowscream, York Maze

Targeted towards the more thrill-seeking individuals, Hallowscream is the most popular terror attraction in York year upon year and fortunately for you, it is retuning again this year. At Hallowscream you will experience a live terror event. You will see wandering characters, spooky entertainment and street theatre in and around the Maze. Head over to their website for the full set of dates and prices.

Halloween Cruise with York Dungeons

What is there better to do then take a Cruise down the Ouse during your stay in York? But this particular trip provides a spooky twist! This historical cruise takes you back through York’s darkest history- from the famous Yorkshire prophetess Old Mother Shipton to the 2nd Duke of Buckingham and poet George Villers role in York’s antiquity. The stories are all brought to life through the best of the York Dungeons actors.

Head over to the York Cruise website to look at the full set of times and prices.

SHOCKolate Story – Halloween Edition

This unique trek and treat experience gives you a chance to wander around the streets of York where you will encounter Miss Terry and Count Fectionary. Reveal the spine-chilling tales of York all within the City Walls. The tours will run every 15 minutes over the Halloween period from 9:30am to 17:30 each day.

Fancy a bit of theatre? Go to see the Nightmare on Halloween at Fulford Arms

Local talented theatre groups from York and the surrounding areas present a sundown of spooky entertainment. Focussing on the mind of an obsessive and hallucinating serial killer. After this there will be live bands performing from local bands Deathmace and T.H.I.N.G.

There are only limited tickets for this event therefore do not hesitate to do your research and make a purchase today.

Halloween Spooktacular at Rowntree Park

A haven of fun for your youngsters!

Activities including storytelling and Arts and Crafts. Children can make their own clay animals, potions and practice their newly learnt spells on you! Spooktacular is taking place on the day of Halloween from 10:00am to 12:00pm.


…have you had a look at staying in York over the October half term and Halloween? If not, we have the perfect accommodation for you and your family in York.